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Besides our professional scuba diving instructors, we also have a group of volunteers who are always attentive and patient with the students. Our young and energetic team – Justin, Jeffrey, Bonnie, Charlie and Christal, are around the same ages as the students. During class, they enjoy scuba diving together with the students to explore the underwater world while also happily listening to and encouraging the students to feel comfortable with their surrounding environment. Our volunteers come from the United States, Canada and Hong Kong, and they actively promote the DFH mission at their own schools by setting up clubs and organizing donations and fundraising events with the hope and belief that the values of this amazing program will reach more people.

Greeting cards

from volunteers

Bonnie          Age17

Taft School

"My favourite part of the trip would be gaining Yu Sheng's trust while I was diving with him. He used to only trust his trainer, but surprisingly he was willing to hold onto to my hand and listen to my instructions once we got into the water.”

“From Hong Kong to Cebu, I spent more time with Yu Sheng. He trusted me more and could remember me as well. When we exchanged gifts to each other, he gave me an oil painting drawn by himself, is a lovely nemo! I can feel he loves diving so much!”

Jeffrey        Age 16

Taft School​

"There's a lot to talk about the trip, but the best would be getting to dive with the autistic kids. Getting them into the water is not a simple task, but we've managed to succeed at it. I value every diving sessions with them by my side."


“During the second trip, I can feel they really enjoy themselves in diving! Although I have to spend a lot of time to courage Yong Hao when diving with him, I feel strong sense of achievement when I saw his smiling face in the water”.

Charlie           Age 17

Lawrenceville School

"This trip was a really eye opening experience. I got to explore 30m below the water and found myself surrounded by the beautiful sea creatures. However, I also got the opportunity to dive with autistic kids, which was something that was far more remarkable than the diving itself."

“I can feel great change to Yong Hao in the second trip. He becomes more confident and relaxed, we are both happy to see that, and it's the first time I feel so closed to autistic children.”


Age 18

Taft School​


"The trip was unforgettable! When I was asked to take on filming, I thought the corals, and fishes would be my highlight. However, something that was more far more precious than the sea creatures captured my attention - the kids waved and gave me their brightest smiles!"



Holy Name Of Mary College


"My most memorable experience would be seeing the transformations in the autistic kids. They changed from being anti social to social. I was really touched by their innocent faces, and genuine hearts. Really hope that I could take on the ocean with them again in the near future!"

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