Our Partners

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It is our honor to have gained the support of 16 groups and organizations around the world, they are: the Guangdong Swimming Association, the Diving Resort Travel Expo, Ezdive Magazine, Diwa, Scubapro, Guangzhou Yangai Special Children’s Parents Club, Rong Ai Zhi Jia, the Trip Easy, the China Scuba Diving, the Fun Dive Center (Palau), the Paradive Resort (the Philippines), the Darkak Resort (the Philippines), the Sipadan Mabul Resort (Malaysia), the Divevolk (Zhuhai), Dive+, and Topis.

Diving For Humanity will continue to follow our mission to offer more support to those students diagnosed with autism and other types of disabilities, aiding them with their self-growth and development, and ultimately helping them to become more integrated into society. Therefore, please come and join us as we make the seemingly impossible possible with our unwavering passion, drive, and your SUPPORT!

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