The Idea of DFH

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The spark that triggered Winston’s enthusiasm for setting up DFH occurred on a diving lesson with L Bo Chan. During the lesson, Winston was told that Bo has two autistic sons whom he tried hard to teach swimming. Although L Bo Chan tried many different conventional teaching methods, they unfortunately yielded unsuccessful results. In order to arouse their interests in swimming, Bo tried presenting them with some scuba diving equipment. Surprisingly, his sons showed interest and instantly wanted to learn scuba diving.


After having heard Bo’s story, Winston believed that scuba diving could be an effective method to bring happiness and relaxation to people. Thereafter, he came up with the idea that scuba diving might be one of the keys to help the autistic community to better connect with society.


Following this idea, they began to recruit some scuba diving instructors and volunteers. They also contacted a few families with autistic children and gained their support to participate in the DFH project. In August 2016, four students with mild to moderate autism – Yu Sheng, Zhao Yong Hao, Zhou Dong Rui and Yu Long Sen respectively, attended their first scuba diving class, marking the beginning of a successful union between autism and scuba diving.

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