Apart from the Diving Camps, DFH has held two exhibitions in Beijing and Hong Kong respectively. Through these exhibitions, we hope that we will be able to further promote our mission of scuba diving and to recruit more friends to join us to create a better world for the autistic community.

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This is the first time for Diving for Humanity (DFH) to participate in a professional diving exhibition.. At the opening of the expo, Mr.L Bo Chan, the co-founder of DFH, awarded Jason Chong (the CEO of DRT) the honor of "Love Media" to thank for his effort and dedication for all DFH activities. Instructors and volunteers carried out a charity sale at the booth, and successfully promoted our mission to many tourists and expo staff.

There were three autistic students and their families, five volunteers, four volunteer coaches and two staff members attending the expo. At the opening of the expo, Winston, the founder of DFH, gave out a short speech to express his great gratitude to all DFH staff and members. On the last day of the expo, Winston and other volunteers had a sharing session with the topic of “Integration and release, open the heart of autistic children with diving”. In addition, DFH carried out a charity sale, and shared the sweets which were made by the students themselves. Many visitors started to be aware of the autistic community and showed their support to DFH.

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