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DFH has provided scuba diving training to 30 students ranging from ages 5 to 25 and they are diagnosed with mild to moderate autism. Our classes focus on training students' hand-eye coordination, cognition and memory, emotional control, handwriting, attentiveness and many other valuable skills. We will match up the most suitable syllabus for each student in order to maximize their training results.

Yu Sheng  

Years 19

Yu Sheng could not swim when he first joined the course, but aAfter attending our course for a year and half, Yu Sheng could now scuba dive in the ocean but he couldn’t swim at the first time.  He keeps challenging himself and the greatest change was the appearance of self-awareness. At the same time, he started to observe and care about others. Some behaviors like being overexcited,  shouting and heating head banging were much reduced.  We also found his amazing memory through diving. Through diving, he also shows great talent in memorization.

Zhao Yong Hao

Years 20

When he first attended the classes, Zhao Yong Hao always challenged his instructor, and did not know how to control his emotion and often scratched himself when feeling nervous. But after attending our course for a year and half,  Zhao Yong Hao could find he found the way to control his emotion, and learned to apologize after he has done when he did something wrong,  he could apologize to others,  but in the beginning,  he always challenged his instructor,  didn’t know how to control his own emotion,  he even scratched himself when nervous.  In addition, now he could write underwater and develop writing as a habit overcoming dysgraphia in the past. We also found that the length and the degree of concentration are both improved. In addition to that, we noticed great improvement in the degree and length of his concentrativeness, and we are excited to find that he is gradually overcoming dysgraphia by practicing writing underwater.

Zhou Dong Rui

Years 18

Zhou Dong Rui has attended our course for a year and half with positive attitude to learn diving. , he has a positive attitude towards scuba diving, he  He thought diving could ease the stress of study.  He also developed diving to be his own hobby Now scuba diving becomes his hobby and he has very with strict requirement to himself.  Part technical movement could reach the level of professional instructor!  During our course,  we also found his underwater photography talent and he will try to get a diving instructor qualification this year. He shows great talent in underwater photography, and his scuba dive techniques are quickly catching up with his instructor! He will be assessed to become an instructor in 2018.

Yu Long Sen  

Years 18

Yu Long Sen has attended our course for a year and half and now he sees diving as a good way to relax.  At first he was lazy but now he makes strict demands on himself.  In addition,  his social skills have also been improved:  he remembers names (it used to be a hard task for him),  greets others,  and speaks more clearly.  He surely loves diving and wants to scuba dive in the sea!

Li Ming Gang  

Years 16

Li Ming Gang has attended our course for four months and he can already dive with full equipment.  He learned to relax while diving.  We found that his length of concentration has improved and he has more eye contact with others.  He can also speak longer sentences than before.

Huang Zi Fan  

Years 16

Huang Zi Fan has attended our course for four months and he can already dive with full equipment.  Although an almost drowning experience in his childhood,  he still bravely overcame scare in the course.  He learned to listen to others and tried his best to concentrate,  he can now talk clearly to his instructor and express his willingness to attend the following courses.

Chen Xi Tong    

Years 10

Chen Xi Tong has attended our course for four months and he can dive with full equipment.  He was extremely scared of water especially when it comes to his head,  even washing his hair was difficult to him. But with our instructor's patience and guidance, Xi  Tong gradually overcome his fear, and become able to swim and scuba dive.  The greatest change we see on him is that his ability to follow instructors and to control his behaviors is much improved. Also, he is being more and more concentrate on his tasks.

Yang Yi Yu     

Years 8

Yang Yi Yu has attended our course for five months. He could not swim at the beginning, but quickly learned how to scuba dive.  He used to be hyperactive,  and difficult to conduct normal conversations,  it  was with him as it was hard for him to concentrate.  After underwater therapy,  some behaviors like wild jumping and running has been significantly reduced. Now he can have eye contact with his instructor and make simple conservations.

Wu Xiao Li    

Years 11

Wu Xiao Li attended our course for four months. We trained sensory integration when teaching her diving. Before that,she was easy to forget and bradykinesia,  she also had difficult in organizing sentences and writing essay. After our course, she can describe the link of action and a topic. We also found that the length of her memory is longer and she can move faster and independence.

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